Plastic Developments | Tooling
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We can supply tooling for your project regardless of what it may be. Tooling can represent a substantial investment in a new product for a customer, and as such needs to be suited to the projected life span of the product.


Some short run high value products will have a very limited anticipated product life span, so tooling needs to appropriate.


As an example, we work with one of the top designers in the high speed thin walled packaging field. These tools, will typically run 100 million products, these are 6 cavity moulds running at 4.65 sec cycle, and are built to the most exacting standards.  The resulting high tooling cost is justified by the large volume.


If you only ever intend to produce small numbers then there are better ways to approach your product.


Many moulders that we work with have tooling available that inserts can be put into allowing the production of moulded parts, at a much reduced tooling cost, in the appropriate materials.  Rapid prototyping can only go so far, sometimes you just  have to mould product in the final material.


When all these factors are weighed up, we can produce tooling that is cost effective for the particular project.