Plastic Developments | Services
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We consult, and provide services in three key areas of the manufacturing environment.


  • We provide a full design service for product development and prototyping. This begins with by utilising the latest 3D design facilities, rapid prototyping, and short run services for most manufacturing processes.



  • We will source global  manufacturers for any project, our main areas of expertise are plastic  moulding, aluminium die casting, and sheet metal . We have however been  involved in many areas of manufacturing over the years.



  • We will provide  full      logistics support to ensure that your product is delivered on time, and to the right destination, whether that is components into your factory for  assembly, or your finished goods to your customers.  This does away with the need for you to carry large inventory with all the associated costs.


Whether  you are at the start of the product development cycle with your project, or an existing manufacturer seeking  to maintain a competitive edge for your product, let us see if we can help.