Plastic Developments | Production Management
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Production Management

Over many years we have built up a very strong working relationship with many plastic moulders, based in 3 key geographic locations. Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.


These companies process materials that cover the entire range of materials used in the injection moulding field, broadly they are usually classified as:


  • Consumer plastics
  • Engineering plastics
  • Exotics


Consumer plastics   – Polyethylene (PE) – Polypropylene (PP)  – Polystyrene (PS)  –  ABS  –  SAN


These product tend to be “price sensitive” with a high volume requirement, and may include a large downstream labour content for assembly, these products are typically sourced from Asia.  We are constantly visiting these suppliers, and as such, can offer customers a complete production service with excellent, proven results.


Engineering plastics   – Polycarbonate (PC) –  Polyamides  (PA)  – Acetal  (POM)  –  Acrylic (PMMA)


These products tend to be less price sensitive, and in a lot of applications they tend to be short run requirements.  These lend themselves well to local production in either Australia or New Zealand.


Exotics   –  PEEK – Teflon – Polysulfones (PSU)


Usually short run but high cost materials.