Plastic Developments | About Us
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About Us

Based in South East Queensland, Plastic Developments Pty Ltd is a consultancy service specialising in design, optimisation, and production management, of products and components for a wide variety of applications, including, consumer products, industrial components, electronic enclosures.


Manufacturing areas in which we work cover:


  • Plastic moulding, including, injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion.
  • Aluminium die casting and extrusion.
  • Electronic design and development.


We can take a client’s new idea and drive it forward, using 3D design software, rapid prototyping, rapid tooling technology. If you are involved in the development of a new product and finding it hard to get the product to come together, contact us now, let’s see if we can help.


In many instances we have taken existing products, ideas, and optimised them for better performance, and return for the customer.  Today’s 3D design systems can rapidly identify areas where material can be saved, machine cycle time can be cut dramatically, sometimes with minimal redesign, but often giving substantial savings, and in many cases an improved product.


Today’s manufacturing world is an ever changing environment, our aim at Plastic Developments Pty Ltd  is to help streamline our clients “path to market” for their product.